darkfore.st 1.1 Changelog - Alliances, Wormholes and More.

The darkfore.st servers now running on 1.1. You might need to refresh your page to load all the changes.

New features:


You can now create alliances in darkfore.st. The tech scores of players in an alliance is combined on the global leaderboard, with both the name of the alliance as well the individual players account names shown as the score holder. You can manage your alliance invites and membership in the alliance menu, available under the new alliance command.

To join an alliance, you need to be invited. All alliance members can invite discovered civilisations with the invitecommand.

But what if you already killed all the active players around you, you ask? The answer is, of course, wormholes.


Starsystems which previously had black holes in them now have wormholes instead. When changing your home starsystem to a wormhole, you and the fleet positioned at the wormhole will be transported to a fresh spawn zone, with a whole new amount of civilisations to (hopefully) befriend. You will keep your tech score, your resources and the resource storage facility at your home star system.


The build command now takes an optional third option, which specifies the desired tech level of the new armada. The lowest possible tech level is half the civilisations tech level.

Resource extractors now have a maximum individual extraction speed of 50.

Energy collectors no longer have an id. When you want to send an upgrade command the first option now needs to be the starsystem the energy collector is located in.

When logging in you will now be presented with the amount of player send messages you received while absent.

Player send messages will now be distinguished from game generated messages by their header being bold.


The time it takes for a staryear to pass has been raised form 4s to 6s.

The maximum view range has been extended from 60 light years to 90 light years.

The maximum shout range has been extended from 90 light years to 150 light years.

Shout resource cost reduced.

Changehome resource cost is now proportional to the distance you travel, not the users tech level.

Military cost reduced.

View range growth per tech level reduced from 2 to 1.5

I think that's it, but I'm not too sure. Also, keep in mind that there might still be some undiscovered bugs in these features, especially the fairly experimental wormholes.

Have fun!

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